what i learnt about Instagram from Tourism Australia

If you going to learn, learn from the best and when it comes to Instagram for the tourism industry – Tourism Australia are the leaders.

@Australia currently has 1.1 million followers. People that aren’t just viewing their amazing pictures, but they are also interacting, asking questions and sharing with each other – they have created a powerful online community.

 Why Instagram?

It is the fastest growing social media network. With 300 million monthly active users, more than 75 million people us it everyday.

And being all about images, it is the perfect platform for sharing amazing pics of your tourism product and destination.

Before you get started on Instagram

Like all good marketing activity, your presence on Instagram should be driven by strategy.

Don’t just jump on board because everyone else is doing it – you have to work out what works bests for your business, given your goals and resources.

Before you begin define what it is you want to achieve from Instagram. Have an aim for your Instagram presence!

For Tourism Australia it’s “To help to inspire travel to and within Australia”

If you have a look at their account, the images and in particular the captions, you’ll see that they are doing exactly that.

Sharing amazing images with captions that are cleverly crafted inspire people.

What are their 5 key tips for Instagrammers?

1. Keep it simple and do it well.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, a simple strategy is usually best to get started. Like posting 1 amazing shot a day of your destination. With a simple caption and some information about the image to give it some context (and drive people to take action).

2.Consistency is key.

Consider your resources and the time you have available to commit to Instagram, then decide on a schedule of how often you will share with your fans. Whatever you decide, the key is to be consistent – just once a day is a great start!

3. Timing is important

Images on instagram tend to have a short life span. For TA the average lifespan is about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Like any social media network, look at when your followers are online & post when they are active.

4. Make your fans the heros!

Remember the social in social media. Its not about pushing out your message, its about engaging with your customers. Tell them how to share images about their experiences with you, what #hashtags do you want them to use, where is the best spot to take an awesome shot.

Then share their images and stories on your platforms – they’ll love you for it

5. Give a story to tell!

Give people a reason to talk about and share your images.

Think about how you take your photos & the captions that you put with them – are they quirky and engaging, will they spark interaction? Take some time to craft your captions, see which types generate more interaction and do more of that.

Need some inspiration?

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What to know more from Tourism Australia check out their presentation Australia Win’s at Instagram

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