Tourism Awards Top 10 Tips To Get Started Writing your Submission

Entering the State & Regional Tourism Awards is something that I encourage all tourism businesses to consider.

Preparing a submission is an opportunity to evaluate the business across all areas of operation and get really clear on what you are doing & how well you are doing it. It also identifies gaps in your business – those things that you should be doing but aren’t or areas where there is room for innovation and improvement.

Whether you are writing a submission for the first time or a seasoned contender, preparing your entry is a big deal. It can be overwhelming to begin with but some planning and preparation now, will make finalizing your submission a lot easier when the time comes.

Here are my top tips to help you start preparing your submission

tourism websites 101

Basics for building tourism websites

Every business needs a website. Great tourism websites should be working 24/7. Before you start building yours it’s important to understand some basics.

how to seo - Lighthouse Tourism

How to SEO – simple steps for tourism businesses

SEO is such an important part of any tourism businesses marketing activities, its key to building a strong digital footprint and driving potential visitors to your website, yet so many business owners don’t spend anytime doing it.

With the average traveller visits 22 travel related sites over 9.5 research sessions before booking, you need to do some basic SEO on your website to make sure those travellers are finding you when they are searching. Want some simple strategies to get you started?

How to add some fiji magic to your tourism experience blog post

How to add some Fiji magic to your tourism experience

Bula Bula, I’ve just returned from an awesome holiday in Fiji. They really do know how to deliver a great tourism experience; from booking, to welcoming customers and creating memories, we can all learn from them. Get my tips on how you an add a little Fiji magic to your tourism business.

Getting started in Inbound tourism

Getting started in Inbound Tourism

Inbound tourism is big business with international arrives set to continue to grow, targetting international travellers makes sense, but where do you start? Nail it domestically first, do your research, understand distribution & commission and be realistic!

Consistency for Tourism Business


“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It what we do consistently” Tony Robbins said that and it’s true in business too. Successful tourism businesses are consistent, in their marketing, branding, customer service and processes.

How can you be more consistent (and successful) in your business?

#hashtags for tourism businesses

#hashtags – what the # are they?

hash·tag: A word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#), used within a message on social media sites to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it.

Hashtags are how people search, collect and curate information in Facebook, instagram, twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. First used by Chris Messina, a former Google employee in 2007 – they took a while to catch on, but now they are used everywhere.

So how do you use them to market your tourism business?

What I learnt working in a tourism business

For the last 7 months I’ve been working on the ground in a tourism business – overseeing the tourism marketing for a major tourism attraction. It gave me an insight into what tourism businesses deal with everyday and just how many balls there are to juggle in a successful tourism business.

What did my experience teach me? And how can it help you in your business?

Tripadvisor Listings for Tourism Businesses

TripAdvisor it’s the world’s largest travel site. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay – it’s time to embrace it! Maximising your TripAdvisor listing should be part of the marketing strategy for any tourism business. It will increase your exposure online and its free!

sales calls tips for tourism operators

Sales Call Tips for Tourism Operators

Whether it’s at a trade show like the Australia Tourism Exchange or a direct meeting with an ITO or wholesaler, there are a few tips to remember when conducting sales calls. Just like marketing that are a few P’s for sales – five to be exact

Prior preparation prevents poor performance.

A little bit of research and planning beforehand will go a long way.

So what should you do before, during and after and event or sales call?

what i learnt about Instagram from Tourism Australia

What i learnt about Instagram from Tourism Australia

If you going to learn, learn from the best and when it comes to Instagram for the tourism industry – Tourism Australia are the leaders.

@Australia currently has 1.1 million followers. People that aren’t just viewing their amazing pictures, but they are also interacting, asking questions and sharing with each other – they have created a powerful online community.

Here are 5 tips from Tourism Australia on how they built their instagram following and how you can too!