How to add some fiji magic to your tourism experience blog post

Bula, Bula.

I’ve just return from a relaxing week with the family in Fiji – it was awesome!

For lots of people a Fiji holiday is all about the fly and flop – kids in the kids club, parents by the pool, sipping cocktails, massages, reading a good book in a hammock and generally not doing much at all, which is exactly what I was looking for.

There were a few reasons why we chose Fiji, it’s close, safe, affordable and most importantly easy too book. All reasons why its such a popular tourism destination.

It is also a great overall travel experience. Here’s my top 3 reasons why and what you can do to add a bit of Fiji to your tourism experience:

 Make Booking Easy

 Fiji is a destination that is really easy to buy.

Great packages are available, with one email and a phone call we were booked – accommodation, flights, meals, transfers and a few bonus activities to boot.

These days we are all time poor, making the booking process simple makes the purchase decision for your customers easy.

I don’t normally use a travel agent, but in the case of Fiji, using one made the process super easy.

How easy is it to book your product?

Can your ideal customers find you when they are searching online?

And once they find you can they easily book? Do you have an online booking system, an automated process for online bookings or click to call buttons for customers searching on mobile devices

Do you work with distribution partners who make our product more accessible?

It could be travel agents, online travel agents, inbound tour operators, local distributors like you Visitor Information Centre or other local business.

Make sure they know about your product, how it could fit into a customer’s itinerary and how to book.

Distribution expands your reach and makes it easier for customers to book you when they are ready.

 Look at your booking processes, with the end goal in mind (that is more bookings), how can you make the process simpler for your customer.

Be Welcoming

Welcoming customers to your business

Image Source: Vomo Resort

Step off the plane and into the airport at Fiji and you are greeted by locals in traditionally dress serenading and welcoming you to the country!

Arrive at your resort, you will experience the same again, this time most likely with a shell lei and tropical drink.

Everyone you walk past greets you with a friendly “Bula” not just when you arrive, but everyday.

They are truly interested; they want to know about visitors, where they are from and what they do, especially if you have kids. They remember your name. The Fijian’s genuinely love tourists and it shows.

 How do you welcome guests to your business or destination?

 A warm welcome is pretty easy to do and it costs nothing – could you be welcoming your customers better?

Have fun

The Fijian people are truly happy, they love to have fun and want their customers to do the same.

We did a day sailing trip (one of the activities included in our easy to book package) to one of the small islands, the morning was beautiful, but the afternoon brought a tropical storm.

Instead of sheltering from the rain, the call from the crew came “Anyone for volleyball!” it was absolutely bucketing down, but we decided to make to most of it and play.

The return sail home, was wet, wet, wet – everyone got off looking like a drowned rat but we were all raving about the trip.

Why, the crew got out the guitar and starting signing, everyone got into. They made the most of the situation and turned what could have easily become a bad experience into one of the best travel experiences I’ve had.

 Are you having enough fun?

 Tourism is the business of making memories, more fun = more memories!

The sun doesn’t always shine, things go wrong, but keep smiling and make the best of the situation – your customers will thank you for it (hopefully in the form of glowing reviews which inspired others to book with you too!)

How can you add a little Fiji magic to your tourism experience?

What simple steps will you take to be easier to book, more welcoming or have more fun? Let me know.

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