what i learnt about Instagram from Tourism Australia

What i learnt about Instagram from Tourism Australia

If you going to learn, learn from the best and when it comes to Instagram for the tourism industry – Tourism Australia are the leaders.

@Australia currently has 1.1 million followers. People that aren’t just viewing their amazing pictures, but they are also interacting, asking questions and sharing with each other – they have created a powerful online community.

Here are 5 tips from Tourism Australia on how they built their instagram following and how you can too!

Tourism Awards Top 10 Tips To Get Started Writing your Submission

Entering the State & Regional Tourism Awards is something that I encourage all tourism businesses to consider.

Preparing a submission is an opportunity to evaluate the business across all areas of operation and get really clear on what you are doing & how well you are doing it. It also identifies gaps in your business – those things that you should be doing but aren’t or areas where there is room for innovation and improvement.

Whether you are writing a submission for the first time or a seasoned contender, preparing your entry is a big deal. It can be overwhelming to begin with but some planning and preparation now, will make finalizing your submission a lot easier when the time comes.

Here are my top tips to help you start preparing your submission