Lighthouse Tourism is a tourism marketing consultancy working with tourism destinations and tourism operators to develop amazing experiences, attract more customers and build businesses that shine!

Specialising in all aspects of tourism business development and marketing including:

  • Product & Experience Development
  • Tourism Strategy & Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • Distribution

Whether I’m working with businesses one on one or delivering workshops and training, I keep it simple and make it fun!

tourism strategy planning


tourism websites 101

Basics for building tourism websites

Every business needs a website. Great tourism websites should be working 24/7. Before you start building yours it's important to understand some basics.
how to seo - Lighthouse Tourism

How to SEO - simple steps for tourism businesses

SEO is such an important part of any tourism businesses marketing activities, its key to building a strong digital footprint and driving potential visitors to your website, yet so many business owners don't spend anytime doing it. With the average traveller visits 22 travel related sites over 9.5 research sessions before booking, you need to do some basic SEO on your website to make sure those travellers are finding you when they are searching. Want some simple strategies to get you started?
How to add some fiji magic to your tourism experience blog post

How to add some Fiji magic to your tourism experience

Bula Bula, I've just returned from an awesome holiday in Fiji. They really do know how to deliver a great tourism experience; from booking, to welcoming customers and creating memories, we can all learn from them. Get my tips on how you an add a little Fiji magic to your tourism business.